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Getting to Know the Details of Vegan Omega 3 Oil

Whenever you hear the term omega 3 oil, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it comes from a non – vegetarian source. Hence it becomes very difficult for the ones who are purely vegetarian, but omega 3 oil is essential as well.

This is where the vegan omega 3 oil solves the problem since they are derived from plant oil and hence is completely vegetarian.

What is Vegan Omega 3?

  • Vegan Omega 3 is nothing but alpha linoleic acid which is obtained from the seeds of plants.
  • The plant seeds which are the sources of these oils are flax seeds, chia seeds; hemp seeds are to name a few of them.

How to Get Sufficient Omega 3Oil?

  • The best way to get this vegan oil is to consume the seeds which are the sources of the alpha linoleic acid.
  • You can also consume green leafy vegetables which are good sources of omega 3


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