The Dungeon is a pivotal place before hard mode. Just a couple of enemies sits down there: Dark Casters and Angry Bones. Begin to look around for wood chests and gold chests, and mark them with torches. After that, you need to go find some dungeon slimes and wooden chests because they usually contain golden keys, which are required to open the golden chests. You’ll need a Muramasa for a Night’s Edge, and also a handgun for a Phoenix Blaster. Something else is a Water Bolt, for bosses and crowd control, in general, can be found at


While you can, go border the crimson/corruption of your virtual world, to prevent surface spreading that is out-of-control. If you allow it get out of control, you will lose a plethora of things like sand, and your valuable jungle. Oh, and also set up witch doctor there in housing. Start to dig in a straight line for as far as you perhaps can. Once you hit the lava, either throw bombs in order to bypass it or only dig around it; completely up to you. Once you reach underworld, search for Obsidian Skin potions. You will need those for the mining of hell stone. After you find few, feel free to jump into the mine and lava as much as you can. However, be careful, it can also run out devoid of you noticing and you will be burn as soon as this power is finished.

To make the hell stone gear, you will require obsidian as well. Gather few by allowing water mix with the lava. While you are at it, also try to make an obsidian skull, and put it together with the cobalt shield! Make Fiery Greatsword, material for Night’s Edge. Combine the Handgun with the bars of hell stone for a Phoenix Blaster. Try to craft molten armor as well, if you are also a melee player. Then go to the crimson/demon altar, and craft Night’s Edge. Here you’re, ready to face the hard mode. So, you’ll wish to go back down to hell and get ready for a long line of a straight platform. Afterward, try to farm for Voodoo Demons. You can get a guide for such on if you are interested in doing so. However, don’t forget to face opposite direction you wish to fight him in, otherwise, it will be quite hard to fight.