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Also Known as Running group, it is an institution that is inciting to sport and recreation focusing on running. They can train members to compete against each other and accross countries. Since the early 2000’s running clubs have emerged and they differ from the usual running clubs because they run in urban city streets.

all ages welcome

We welcome to join us in our club persons of different ages. Let us empower each other to a healthy and fit body. Running burns a lot of calories and keeps your heart healthy.

It is always motivating if ytou have someone who can encourage you to work hard and be healthy.


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How to get ready for the Marathon

If you want to train for a marathon it can be an intensive process therefore it is necessary that you are ready both mentally and physically.

You Can Make It

We have to learn something from the marathon and find the right method to have training. 

The Verona Marathon

Also this year the program of events in Verona is enriched through extraordinary sporting events,

We excel at what we do

the experience is with us

Benefits of running

Jogging or running is a form of aerobic exercise to maintain a fit and healthy body. you should start from brisk walking before proceeding to jogging and as well as it is advised to come see a physician before engaging in an activity.

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